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What problems can you solve?

Heavy Vehicle
Heavy Vehicle Compliance

Safety and compliance is vital in working with heavy vehicle deliveries. All parties must take reasonable steps to prevent breaches of mass, dimension, loading and registration laws. We provide an automated system to provide you with piece of mind

loading dock
Dock Automation

Managing access control and deliveries is a high volume and complex task. We provide an end-to-end solution from bookings to hardware to drive a fully autonomous system. 

Smart Spaces

Creating places that people want to use is a challenge. Use data to build public spaces that people embrace and are sustainable. Gather data from existing or new cameras to understand how people currently move through a space and measure specific indicators after projects to inform future planning. 

Why Us

"Operating the loading dock in Barangaroo South presents a suite of challenges, from the day to day management of the bays, through to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and DDI Labs is helping us along this journey.

Making use of the AI platform developed in consultation with DDI Labs has significantly reduced the administration requirement on our site teams. Using the QR code, Licence plate recognition, and AI vehicle tracking has largely automated the process enabling the Dockmaster to focus on operations rather than conducting manual checks and administration."
Mark Hedges
Property Services Manager - JLL

Simple & Scalable

Do more with your existing cameras. You can change analytics as easily as changing apps on your phone, no change in hardware needed. From single camera mobile deployments to hundreds of cameras, we have an architecture for your site.

Cutting Edge Accuracy

Our software allows instant access to the latest AI. As each site and camera is different, we employ a method that allows you to train on your existing cameras to improve accuracy.

Privacy Preserving

By processing the video onsite to gain insights, no images or video need to leave your network. We are also actively developing new techniques to train encrypted models on private data. This provides security and privacy for all parties involved.

We are a startup with a deep technical knowledge of using video analytics in the real world to solve problems. If you have a problem/opportunity that is in the physical world, involves repetitive tasks or you want to get more data out of your cameras,¬† let’s talk.

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